does anyone now of a good outdoor survival skill or trick?

I need to find a good original idea for a presentation and your ideas would be alot of help. I just need a good survival skill or trick when in the woods like camping or otherwise
I mean a skill like how to make a makeshift fishing net or knot tieing

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  1. google it

    How to make fire

  2. not sure what you mean? a good skill i think would be able to climb most trees…once there was this guys dog that was after me…didnt no em but hes chasing me and i climbed a random tree. really helps.

  3. terrimotherof6 | November 6, 2009 at 10:11 pm |

    Keep a small box of ‘camping’ matches, with a single layer of duct tape on them (longways to seal the box without messing up the strike pad), in your pocket or backpack. Everybody should have access to fire.

    Keep an emergency kit in your trunk. Mine is an extra diaper bag with a change of clothes for everybody, diapers, some dry formula, and clean empty water bottles with sip tops, a lighter (unopened), and two full size blankets. In the side pocket there is an unopened bag of beef jerky and a 1lb bag of sunflower seeds.

    Basically being prepaired to stay warm and dry are ecential to surviving. Okay so you may not have a baby to keep formula for but without fire you freeze, no hunting, no fishing.
    if this site doesn’t help you find what you want get a survival manual from your local army/navy supply store.

  4. If you are lost a good method for finding your way out of the woods is to follow a FLOWING stream or creek DOWN stream. This will lead to either a road or a bigger stream to follow, plus you will be close to a water supply which will be a critical need.
    Eventually you will come to someplace where there are people because towns get built along water courses or at places where people cross the water. Plus you will generally be going down hill so it will be getting warmer and more sheltered from the elements as you progress.

  5. HeadHunterII | November 6, 2009 at 11:16 pm |

    You can purify water with the following tools. One shallow bowl or other crude water gathering device. One cup. A shovel/or any crude device to use for digging. A piece of plastic wrap/piece of tarp. A few rocks and a patch of ground with steady direct sunlight.

    Here is how it works. Get all the supplies together. Dig a hole wide enough so you can sit the bowl or other water holding device in the bottom of it flat. Dig the hole deep enough to place the cup on top of the bowl and have a good 2 or 3 inches between ground level and the top of the cup. Fill the bowl with water. Sit the cup in the bowl. Now, cover the hole with the plastic wrap and secure it in place by placing some rocks on the four corners. Now, take a small rock and place it directly over the top of the cup. Leave it for a few hours and let nature do its thing.

    The water in the bowl will start to evaporate and stick to the plastic wrap. When enough gathers, it will bead up and flow to the lowest point (Where you placed the small stone over the cup.) at which time it will drop into the cup. You have just sucessfully purified water.

    Knowing how to gather and purify water for drinking is one of the most important skills while in the wild. The human body cannot last very long without water and drinking dirty or contaminated water will only make things worse.

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