Disaster Survival Questions You May Want to Ask yourself

There is zero doubt that the time are changing. With recent hurricanes, economic meltdown, and Mr. Dick Bin Laden still on the loose, natural or man made disasters are now more a part of our lives than ever. You only need to watch FoxNews or CNN for an hour or two to become a little frightened about the possibility of the sky falling on our heads at anytime. There are so many (or too many) cogs in the wheels of our economic system that allow any minor disturbance to have a seriously detrimental affect on the supply chain of goods to our local grocery stores.

I have recently been reading many, many web sites and blogs that deal with hurricane survival, disaster survival, and survival preparedness. One aspect of preparing for a prolonged survival situation that has been commonly overlooked is how to deal with family, friends, and neighbors that have NOT prepared for the worst case scenario after the turd hits the fan. Remember, YOU were smart and prepared for a disaster with a comprehensive survival kit with a 3 months supply of food and water, maybe a gun or two, and a few must have luxury items because you realize that you just can’t rely on anyone but yourself when things get ugly (i.e. Hurricane Katrina).

This is where I would like to propose a few hypothetical questions.

While your next door neighbor went on a fancy and expensive vacation to Europe and didn’t heed the warning to prepare, would you share your survival rations?

Your best friend just purchased a new Corvette and is more worried about rims and tires than preparing a survival kit, would you share your survival supplies?

Your sister didn’t even stash a can of corn in her cupboards, but she knows you did because you have been telling her since before Y2K that you have been preparing for a disaster, would you share your gear?

A pack of hungry, desperate, and angry fellow citizens decide that your supplies are now theirs, would you defend your supplies by all means necessary?

We have been extremely fortunate in our lifetime to not have experienced a great shortage of basic staple goods and empty grocery shelves. But, we have never as a country faced the economic quicksand that we are drowning in today. Oh yeah, don’t forget Mother Nature, because she is the one that is really in charge. I’m still trying to define my answers to the questions proposed above, but it is worth a moment of time to consider both the questions and the potential answers.

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