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  1. I put this on my facebook profile, thanks for posting!

  2. Do you know that water vapour has same effect as greenhouse gasses?
    Do you know CO2 is ONE OF THE MANY greenhouse gases and its not the most important one?
    Do you know CO2 only absorbs IR and then it re-emits it in random direction?
    Do you know without CO2 earth would be too cold for life to exist?
    Do you know only few % of our athmosphere is CO2?

  3. soulcollecter1329 | August 22, 2010 at 2:51 am |

    Someone got in trouble for calling a prominent man a liar. He got in trouble not for spouting falsehoods, it was for interuption. We as ” smart ” ppl need to learn the truth and call the liars what they r. Stand proud in the knowledge that u r right. And don’t give up.

  4. and i thought cow farts caused global warming….

  5. the effect of contrails/ tiny drops of water (a lot smaller than normal clouds) have been tested and shown to be true in experiments in the lab as well as in the real world.

    please check it out. now contrails are used in climate models. man does have affect on the climate.

  6. They havn’t and can’t prove that the change in temp wasn’t just the weather.

    Can co2 theoretically warm the climate? Yes, but how much, and does it drive the climate, or does the climate drive co2?

    I can paint a window on my house black and it will have a warming effect, but it won’t keep me warm in the winter.

  7. just to say, that the contrails climate change is not the same as the emissions of CO2 changing the climate before some one has ago. my point is that we can affect the climate.

  8. its true and explained. check it out. not flying plants made it hotter. it was due too contrails reflecting the sunlight

    steam from power stations also reflects sunlight, even in this small way we do and can change the climate.

    also the vast majority of scientist in the field do believe in man made climate change.

  9. NuggetsOfTruths | August 22, 2010 at 5:09 am |

    I tend to think it’s possible we have an effect.
    The level I’m unsure of.
    But last I read air traffic accounted for about 5% of global emissions. With farming and industry topping the list.

  10. NuggetsOfTruths | August 22, 2010 at 5:25 am |

    Agree, the Western world seems to import most of it’s food. The UK is about 75%

  11. That is anecdotal, and only a correlation at that. It doesn’t prove anything. The truth is the scientist don’t know whether the climate will ahve negative or positive feedbacks for additional co2. The IPCC models are assumptions of high positive feedback to give the worst case scenario.

  12. I teach chemistry & marine science in high school. I continually do research on the topic of climate change and man’s role in shaping our climate. I can find no direct evidence to suggest man is changing our climate. The sun is the power behind atmosphere, period. When phytoplankton counts drop we are all in big trouble. Food production should be the world’s focus. Thanks again yankeeprepper for bringing this topic up!

  13. Deepwaterwon | August 22, 2010 at 7:02 am |

    5 stars, you just got my subscription.

    Don’t argue with them Yank, it’s a religion to them

  14. We can and do change the climate all the time. Search for “Air traffic affects climate” on CNN

    Just after 911 when all the plans were grounded the temperature changed by 1.1 degrees Celsius

    Just to say again, I do love your vids. I am passionate about this because I believed that is was B*** S*** too. sadly its not.

  15. Yankeeprepper | August 22, 2010 at 8:35 am |

    What about the snowmobiles??

  16. Why can’t we just use a global thermostat and keep the earth a pleasant 72 degrees?

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