Camping Equipment…Your Survival Could Depend On The Right Camping Equipment

When I was teen camping equipment consisted mainly of a backpack to carry supplies, a sleeping bag, and a tent. Of course we always camped at the same old spots most of the time. Today people have more diverse interest than just building a campfire and doing a little fishing. People now hike, backpack, and climb rocks, just to name a few activities. As they have ventured out and away from the campsite, the risk of getting lost or hurt away from civilization has greatly increased. Survival gear and equipment are now an absolute must for anyone’s camping equipment. The following are some of the most important items that should be a part of every survival kit. These are just a few recommendations from the good folks at 4 Seasons

  1. Spark Lite fire starter. The spark-lite is the official US military fire starter because it’s so easy to use, even when injured.
  2. First Need water purifier. Although there are many filters on the market, there are only a handful that they would use in an emergency. First Need, because it is EPA approved, and so easy to use gets the nod.
  3. Don’t Bite Me Patch. Each patch offers protection from biting insects for up to 36 hours.
  4. QuickClot Silver. Stops moderate to severe bleeding until further medical help is available.

Once again, these are just some suggestions for your survival kit.

In this day and age however, people should be thinking more about a rescue than survival. So your preparedness should absolutely include some type of signaling device. Most people think in terms of electronic beacons or GPS systems, when looking into signaling. For most of us they are still cost prohibitive. The second and perhaps most relevant issue is that with a beacon or GPS unit, if you get separated from the party that has it, the device does you no good. So if dad has control of the device, and his teenage son wanders off and gets lost, searchers can locate dad but what about his son?

I have come up with a very simple and cost-effective answer to all these concerns. The LifeTracker is a device that in case of an emergency will, with the pull of a cord, jettisons a heavy gauge red balloon attached to a 1000 ft fishing line up high enough for searchers or a rescue plane to see. The LifeTracker makes it possible for people to be found before panic ever sets in. It not only will save lives, but millions of dollars in search and rescue man hours. The LifeTracker is a series of 3 different products designed to locate anyone lost or in distress, in hours rather than days. The LifeTracker Belt, The LifeTracker Vest, and The LifeTracker flare Gun, can be offered inexpensively enough to allow an entire family to outfit themselves with The LifeTracker for what it might cost to purchase one GPS unit. It even has a 12″ solar light rope for night rescues. In this day and age of electronics, it’s refreshing to find something that is completely mechanical. There are no batteries or bad reception to worry about.

Anyone venturing into the wilderness; campers, hikers, backpackers, and rock climbers, will want either the “Belt” or “Vest” as part of their everyday gear.

The LifeTracker Belt4″ wide with pockets on the outside to store a thermal blanket and other survival supplies.

The LifeTracker Vest Using the same concept as the “Belt” the vests inner side unzips to release a folded lean-to tent complete with telescopic 3 ft. poles. Some people will prefer a vest and are willing to pay extra for the complete survival package. This offers a great option, and like the “Belt”, is very marketable.

The LifeTracker Flare GunFlare guns are very expensive and, of course, the flare only has a short life. With a small adjustment to the LifeTracker Device, it can easily be kept in a lightweight pistol, that can be stored in any backpack, vehicle, boat or plane.  It might even have military use.

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Jack has always been in love with the outdoors. Now in his late 50’s, he lives in California surrounded by meadows and trees. So many people go missing each year, so he has come up with an idea to help find anyone lost in the wilderness, in hours rather than days.