Bushcraft Survival

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In BUSHCRAFT SURVIVAL Ray Mears travels to some of the most remote and beautiful wildernesses in the world, and experiences first hand the survival techniques of different indigenous cultures. From the Hudson Bay in Canada, via Tanzania and the jungles of Venezuela, to the moors and highlands of Britain, BUSHCRAFT SURVIVAL explores a range of locations and techniques from indigenous peoples. Drawing on centuries of knowledge as well as his own experience, Ray demons… More >>

Bushcraft Survival

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  1. …but I must admit to being a little disappointed with this book, which I none the less enjoyed thoroughly. Having watched the series with total absorbtion, I received this book as a present. Unfortunately book covers exactly the same ground as Ray’s most recent TV series…only at a much higher, more superficial and less satisfying level. Rays concerns about nature & indiginous peoples are ever clear, the images good and the text well written…but the overall impression that I get from this is waffle, gloss, padding and lack of substance.

    Images are given 2 pages that could better be kept on a single page or half page; who wants to see an image with a page crease in the middle anyway — it totally ruins it. I would rather have seen more, smaller images, I expected much more detail on the actual techniques used. I expected an authoratitive reference on survival — but perhaps Ray has already covered much of this in one of his earlier books(?). This is typical BBC publishing dross, they really should stick to TV. This book is pretty worthless — much better to buy the DVD of the series, which has more detail and better images. Don’t get me wrong though — Ray is “the man”.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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