Bird Flu Survival: Learn How to Protect Yourself

Bird flu comes from South Asia and threatens to spread all over the world. Nowadays there is hardly a person who is not aware of expansion of the deadly disease, but still most of us do nothing in terms of protection, as we hope the virus won’t reach us. Even if the danger is overestimated, at least your conscience will be clear, as you’ve done the due diligence. It is not so difficult to take some preventive measures, because if the disaster occurs it will be too late.

What to Start With?

As the incubation period of this disease is equal to 3-5 days, you will have not much time to think over your auctions, and that is in case you KNOW you have been infected. So, it is necessary to think of possible ways of bird flu survival beforehand.

The vaccine against bird flu has not been developed yet, for it needs some time to study the virus mutation in human body. But there are some prototypes which contain substances that may defend you from the disease. So, first of all, it is necessary to find an opportunity to take vaccine.

The second step to increase your survival rate is to buy enough quantity of Tamiflu. That is an antiviral drug that fights H5N1 strain effectively. If you are infected, you will have to take a double dose, and for prophylaxis a single dose a day is enough. Therefore you should get enough quantity of Tamiflu, for, in case of pandemic, it will be impossible to find this medicine at any price.

Finally, it is obvious you should not travel to the countries where bird flu is raging.

What Should I Do to survive if it Reaches Me?

In order to foresee the approaching of the disease it is necessary to keep informed. As soon as you learn from mass media that bird flu is drawing near, you should supply yourself with food and water that will be necessary for the next 3-4 months. It is also recommended to leave the city for a country house, because in case of anarchy connected with the pandemic you will feel safer out of town.

Another thing you should do for bird flu survival is washing your hands thoroughly and wearing masks if contact with infected people is unavoidable. As any other influenza virus, bird flu gets the human organism through dirty hands contacting with mouth, eyes and nose.

If you have any children you should keep them indoors and prepare them for home schooling. In the event of any member of your family still has been infected, you need to prepare a quarantine room. It should be a remote room, supplied with all the necessary: water, food, medicine and entertainment.

You should always remember that we may wish for the best, but we must be prepared for the worst. Nowadays lots of books, newspaper and magazine articles devoted to bird flu survival are available. Besides that, you can look for the information on bird flu survival on the Internet.

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