Are the first portion of tests in a class more of a “prepper” for what the rest of the class will be?

I just got my essay back and I got a C (online class). I didn’t read 75% of what I was supposed to, but I think it was good for what I did. Are the first tests/essays usually a good way to tell how the teacher grades and what to expect?

*Our essays are 2-3 pages. I do NOT think that’s enough to write out what needs to be said. We have 5-7 chapters of Am. Hist. (which I’m pretty good in) and we’re supposed to read a decent sized book. 2-3 pages?? Yeahh right

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  1. Yes most likely. You might want to ask around for the best teacher. People will tell you who sucks and whose good.

  2. prilshowers | January 30, 2010 at 3:00 am |

    Typically, it is a reflection of how a teacher grades — s/he may have certain things s/he is looking for on how s/he grades.

    Most of the time, early chapters build on later chapters. For example, the early chapters set a groundwork for what you will learn later. If you are not familiar with the early chapters, you will have a hard time understanding the later chapters.

    Online classes are always the hardest to keep up with because you don’t have a lecture to keep you up-to-date. My advice: Read what you need to read. It will help improve your grade.

  3. jannabanana | January 30, 2010 at 3:54 am |

    If 2-3 pages isn’t enough, ask your professor if it’s alright to write more, and how much more is okay.

  4. You can usually tell what the teacher is going to grade like when you get the first test back. You should definitely read most of what was assigned, becuase teachers can usually tell if you didnt read. Good luck!

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