AR-15 Paracord Wrap I wraped the grip of my AR and also a PMag with 550 paracord (OD Green). It may not look very pretty but it gives me two decent pieces of paracord if I ever need them. The wrapped grip feels pretty good, and the knots in the cord ends do not interfer with my grip on the handle. I guess you never know when you may need some paracord.

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  1. @Jesses001 The paracord isn’t bad but I would for sure pick a Hogue grip as my first choice.

  2. I hate the stock grip on an AR. For some reason, that little hump is in exacly the wrong spot for my hand, lol. So which do you like better, the para cord or the Hogue? That Hogue does look comfortable.

  3. SADCRYINGDOLFIN | September 17, 2010 at 2:39 am |


  4. Think I may try that on the lever of the leveraction , it wont give me much cord but may save the fingers.

  5. Yes! Huge improvement over the stock grip.

  6. good job man. Looking nice. Hogue grips are nice huh???

  7. ?????

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