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  1. stormgale89 | January 27, 2010 at 9:51 am |

    I advise you to watch videos from these people on youtube
    also, look for books from famous survival experts like Ray Mears and Les Stroud.
    I also advise downloading and reading some survival manuals, like the Us army FM 21-76 survival manual. also look at the SAS survival book, but available here.
    you need to join the site to download, but it’s 100% free and has plenty more things you can search for.

  2. The old boy scout adage of “Be Prepared” always worked for me. Extra socks, dry matches, snake bite kit, survival knife/camping knife, water purification tablets, bandages/first aid kit, length of rope, wire wood saw, compass, small tarp/lean to, blanket, mirror/reflective device, assorted nails and a small hammer/hatchet, a portable container of dry wood tender, extra shoe laces, chalk, sealable plastic bags (also good for sucking chest wounds when you trip on that rock and fall on a branch). I’m not talking a gigantic collection of any of this stuff but yet enough to make you feel like your good to go. I once had a backpack ready to go at a moment’s notice where I felt confident that I could survive almost any regional environmental extreme for an extended period.

  3. buy and read a scouting handbook, go camping, learn by doing. there is no other way…i could sit here and quiz you for a couple days asking you about everything that could possibly go wrong when camping, and it doesn’t matter if you know the right answer or not…it’s all in the execution. when you do any sort of camping there aren’t many emergencies that you run across, but when you come across the real big ones it is all in how fast you react, and how much experience and knowledge you have. if you’re serious about learning everything get a scouting handbook, go camping, take some courses in wilderness survival, and be aware that no matter how experienced you get you’re always learning and adapting out there.

    ok, so it’s 4:30am…i’m very tired and slightly tipsy, so this may’ve been a little bit hard to follow at some points, so i’m sorry for that, but i think you get the point. best of luck with your goal.

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