3 Online Survival Tips All Affiliate Marketers Need

Affiliate marketers are always on the lookout for the magic bullet, the secret formula, the successful market that will propel their income to new levels of prosperity. They seldom realize the truth, there is no such formula. The only real formula for success is hard work and good marketing practices coupled with dedication.

There are, however, tactics that can be used to help build success, but they come with time and effort. Most of them are not overnight successes. I would like to share three great tips that can help you get started on the road to success.

What are these three tactics?

1. Use a unique web page to promote each seperate product. Don’t pile all of the products and service you are marketing into one pageto save money on hosting. If possible, create seperate sites for each product. If not possible try to create a catalog type site and feature each product on a seperate page.

Include product reviews on your website. This will help to inform your site’s visitors on what they are getting and some information on what to expect. You may wish to include tesimonials when possible. Just be sure that you obtain permission before you do so.

Tesimonials can be a great to boost sales and traffic. You may offer those who write the testimonials a link to their site from yours for them. This would encourage said testimonials to be filled with positive comments about your services.

Another great tactic to employ is the use of article writing to attract customers. With this tactic you can write about specific products or services that highlight the uses of those items that you sponsor. When writing these articles you can call your readers to act on the information you provide. Just remember that your article is not to be used as a sales page, but rather to be written in such a way as to get your readers excited about the prospect of using your product or service.

2. Offer free reports to your readers. This is a form of viral marketing. Some swear by this technique and use it constantly in their marketing efforts to measurable success. If possible, position this near the top of the page so that it cannot be missed. Try to set up mesages that will be mailed to the prospects at regular intervals. Usually a sale is made after the seventh message is sent.

Another version of this tecnique is to give the report away, so that the readers can offer it to still others. This form of viral marketing is designed to get your message out to an ever growing audience. The types of reports are written with substance of real value that can help the average reader get something they need (like traffic to their site)and designed so that the readers can repackage it as their own.

When visitors come to your site there are two possibilities that can happen. They will purchase your product or service or leave. Using an autoresponder, you will be sending them mesages at regular intervals to remind them of your service. When creating these followup messages, make sure to point out the benefits of your product or service without sounding like a sales pitch.

Focus on the important points, like how your products will may theirlives easier. Use unique and compelling titles in your messages. Talk TO them not AT them. Avoid the use of the word “free” as some e-mail filtering dump the message at the use of that word.

3.Use “targeted traffic” to reach the audience that will be interested in your product. Untargeted traffic to your site is more of a waste of your time and efforts. An old idea that used to be very prevalent in Internet advertising was to “throw more and more traffic at it till something sticks.” It is an old idea that doesn’t really work.

Using article marketing to drive targeted traffic to your site helps to bring in the kind of visitors who are more willing to purchase your product. Try to write a minimum of two articles a week at 300 – 600 words.

These are but three of the best tactics to use to build your business to the levels of income that you desire. they take time to implement and get results from, but they are tried and true.

RP Smith is the owner of the hot new website http://www.e-profitsubmissions.com/