We plan to make this book available FREE for Kindle readers and hopefully will publish the whole text soon on our website. See 24 WAYS TO USE YOUR HAMMOCK IN THE WOODS. Here’s a great story: My Army Special Forces days excluded, I did a lot of hunting, back packing and camping. Therefore, (See my COMPASS COURSE). I learned to appreciate lightweight items I could use in many different ways. So, I wrote about and photographed all the ways I used my hammocks, and when I finished, I only had 23! I was stuck! So I prayed about it for a long time. Then–one day while bouncing down the freeway on Oahu, this idea zoomed into my conciousness. I raced home! Can you guess? I tied plastic gallon bottles on one side. Then I hung fishing weights on the other so that, in my pool at home, it hung vertically. Why? In the woods–streams, shallow ocean,and small rivers–it gill-nets fish. Praise God for great ideas! See my web: www.survival-books.com

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  1. I too checked out the website but didn’t see this book.

  2. applesaucearedone | September 17, 2010 at 8:52 pm |

    Where will this book be posted at, on your website I haven’t found it on your survival website to download it

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