2012 Doomsday Survival Sanctuaries In Europe

The Sumerian Nibiru Prophecy, Nostradamusâ?? Doomsday Prophecy and others give us 9 potential 2012 disaster scenarios to prepare for. The challenge is to find a sanctuary to be with you family when it all gets ugly. While continental Europe has an enormous population, finding a remote safe place with the right kind of climate and terrain is still possible if you look in the right places.

Parts of the Pyrenees in northern Spain offer remote, mountainous terrain with a mild climate and good growing conditions ideal for a 2012 survival sanctuary in Europe. Water is plentiful both on the surface and in aquifers underground. The obvious downsides are that Western Europe has very high population density overall, and land is expensive. Speaking Spanish would also be an advantage when youâ??re getting set up.

The thickly forested mountains of Transylvania are fairly remote, and because Romania is an economic backwater land can be relatively affordable. Population density is low by European standards.

If you live in the United Kingdom the Highlands is your closest potential 2012 survival sanctuary, combining remoteness with accessibility. However despite the name the Highlands are not particularly high in elevation except for some very barren peaks. The winters can be harsh, and the soil is poor. The Highlands would suit you if you have a lot of money to invest in a major bunker, with massive stores and plenty of security. You could bide your time underground and then emerge to see whatâ??s left of the world in 2014 or 15.

Savage winters at higher elevation, but extreme remoteness makes Norway an attractive option if you have the funds to equip a shelter. Long-term you might have to move south to find arable land and milder temperatures, but as a 2012 bolt-hole the inland mountains of Norway could be worth consideration.

The Ural Mountains are already honeycombed with a massive network of bunkers left over from the Cold War. There is accommodation deep underground for tens of thousands of people. However the Urals are an immense mountain range rivalling the Rockies in scale, so you should still be able to find a place â?? if you are Russian that is. Come 2012 foreigners will be about as welcome as a cockroach in the Borst.
Areas of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and other Central Asian countries of the old USSR also have great potential survival locations in their mountainous interiors. US dollars go a long way, but corruption is everywhere, and the heavily armed locals can be fierce.

Turkey has a vast mountainous, sparsely populated interior. Find an area where there is good availability of water and it could be a very smart option in 2012.

In WW11 the French Resistance successfully hid from the Nazis for four long, hard years in the wilderness areas of the Auvergne and the Massif Central. These areas have some of the oldest surface rocks on Earth and there are enormous cave systems. For Europe population density is on the low side, but if I was going here Iâ??d make sure my Family Safe house was as close to invisible as possible and very easy to defend.

Germany, The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary
This magnificent part of Europe features endless rolling forests and craggy mountain ranges. The climate is mild and you can grow just about anything. However, this area is surrounded by very big cities in all directions, so my comments about the safe house in France apply here too.

The whole country is one big 2012 survival sanctuary. People used to say only cockroaches would survive a global nuclear apocalypse, but to that Iâ??d add the Swiss. The country is one big interconnected underground survival shelter, stocked with enough supplies to last until the third millennium. Plus every single Swiss man attends annual military training camps and has a machine gun in the closet. Unless it takes a direct hit from a major NEO, Switzerland will come out of 2012 OK. You can move there now if you want. Just donâ??t expect them to let you stay if you donâ??t have at least ten million or more in one of their banks.

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