1 Comment on "101 Survival Tips: Strategies for Self-Reliance in Any Environment"

  1. This is an OLD army manual which as been reset and wrapped in a pretty cover, but is very out of date. The emergency procedure for snake bites, for example, is long obsolete. You’d do better getting a first aid book from your local Red Cross, or something published by a legitimate wilderness medicine physician. Some of the information is just wrong, like calling CO2 “carbon monoxide.”

    The illustrations seem to be from the original manual. I remember seeing them in other books. The “how to make a fish hook” illustrations seem vaguely familiar from a 1960’s Boy Scout Handbook.

    If you want a survival book, buy something else. If you really need the advice in this book, such as “Avoid spoiled fish” (page 27), then you might want to consider staying out of the woods.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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